Hello. I am Ana Marie Bosch. Everyone calls me by the name Marie. This site is basically the journal of my life. I will plan to share my studies on German Language, the things I usually do everyday, adventures in my travel in Germany, German cuisine, and Asian-German multicultural challenges. 

I hope I can help with sharing information that may give insights and learning. Enjoy surfing!

Here's a little WIKI about Marie Bosch:

Personal Life
I was Born in May 19, 1981 to Marilou de la Rosa, an entrepreneur, and Domingo Tumambing, a Forester. I along with my other brothers we were brought up in Bislig City, Surigao del Sur, the north of Mindanao Island in Philippines. I was raised a Catholic. I went to Catholic schools from kindergarten till college. 

During my primary grade in John Bosco La Salle School, I had been always top in class. I had excelled in my English, Science and Math where in the end of the school year my parents were proud to get up the stage to award my medals.  When I was in high school, my family moved to Davao City. Despite of the culture shock I faced, I coped up to get good grades in school. I had more fun in the city than in our province in Bislig then. I went to guitar lesson but I was not persistent in practicing so I never made it to expert playing a guitar. In college, I was known for the best Asian Parliamentary debater. I had joined and won few competitions along with our team. I finished my degree in Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education major in General Sciences. 

I am studying German in Goethe Insitute in Hong Kong in preparation for my future plans to move to Germany one day.